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How it Works

1. Pick a Season.

You can check the Calendar to see what Seasons are upcoming.
Just like with reading a series of books, it is intended that you play these in order. (Start at Season One!)
After you purchase a season you will be sent an email before the game starts with an introduction and some rules. Within this you will also get a unique address you can use within the game.

2. You've got mail.

Packages and letters will start arriving and begin unveiling the story, characters, and mystery. By exploring the packages, the clues they hold, and various in-game websites the player learns more. When you first recieve a package it might not make sense or seem to have any meaning, however, through exploring it something may be revealed, or it might just make sense after additional packages arrive. The player should keep all clues in mind when they recieve new packages. Even package #1 may be relevant to the final clue.

3. Unlocking.

Extra packages with additional (non-essential) information can be unlocked by interacting with the story, either by prompts asking you to mail things (with pre-paid postage, of course), or through inputs on websites.

4. The final week.

At the beginning of week 8, the player will be asked questions to see how much they have solved (or to hopefully spur the player to figure out something they missed.) At the end of week 8 the player will receive a package to help wrap up the story.

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