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I have signed up, what can I expect?

18-20 pieces of mail that, along with digital content, form an exciting story that the player is a part of. You should expect to pay attention, leave no stone unturned, and have a fun time!

What's the story?!

It's a secret - we won't ruin it for you here!
Each Season has a self contained story/mystery, but there is an overarching story connecting each Season.
Season One, titled The Decoder Ring Organization: Roland, follows the dark circumstances that lead to the disappearance of Julie Harrison from Moore County, VT.

What are your influences?

Sword and Scale
Missing Maura Murray
The NoSleep Podcast

Twin Peaks
Making a Murderer
Black Mirror
Stranger Things
Unsolved Mysteries
The Twilight Zone
The Game

Silent Hill
The 7th Guest


What's in the booox?!

When should I sign up, and when will I receive my packages?

Click here to view the calendars for The FULL Seasons (live), or the The ABRIDGED Seasons (one package)

Can I play this with a friend, family, or significant other?

Yes. While everything is made out to one person, it is possible and a great idea, for players to team-up to make solving the mystery a fun event. Maybe have a friendly competition to see who can figure everything out first. Please be mindful that there may be personalized items in a Season, and they will be for the person who signed up initially. Also, just make sure that anyone playing is capable of handling adult themes, implied violence... and a helping of creepy.

This sounds amazing! How can I buy this or support this experience?

First off, thank you for wanting to support us! There are options for purchasing Seasons under 'Choose an Adventure' up above.

Want another way to help out? We could really use the help getting the word out about this project. If you are as excited about this as we are please "like", "follow", "retweet", call your friends, and knock on doors. This is our twitter and our facebook. You rock. Also, feel free to drop us a line with any questions at:

Can I give this as a gift to someone living at a different address?

Yes. When ordering please fill out the giftees name, address, and email address. For the FULL Season One, the first thing the player gets is an introduction letter.

Can my extremely young and impressionable child play this game?

Parental discretion is advised. This game features adult themes and content. Players should anticipate things that could be found in a movie with an R-rating. This will vary by Season, but should always be assumed.

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